Election results for Georgetown County

I after a name means incumbent

Some races were only in certain districts.

President and vice president

Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker (Green Party)                                  93

Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (Republican) I                    20,487

Roque Rocky De La Fuente/Darcy G. Richardson (Alliance)             29

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Spike Cohen (Libertarian)                            237

Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris (Democratic)                      15,822


U.S. Senate

Bill Bledsoe (Constitution) (withdrew after ballots printed)         340

Lindsey Graham (Republican) I                                              20,495

Jaime Harrison (Democratic)                                                 15,867

U.S. House of Representatives District 7

Tom Rice (Republican) I                                                        21,740

Melissa Ward Watson (Democratic)                                       14,812

State Senate District 32

David Ellison (Republican)                                                       8,090


Ronnie A. Sabb (Democratic) I                                                 9,651

State Senate District 34

Emily Cegledy (Democratic)                                                     5,650

Stephen Goldfinch (Republican) I                                            12,902

State House District 103

Carl L. Anderson (Democratic) I                                              11,169

State House District 108

Lee Hewitt (Republican) I                                                        16,953


Birt K. Adams (Democratic)                                                     12,947

Carter Weaver Sr. (Republican) I                                              23,491

Probate Judge

Leigh Powers Boan (Republican) I                                            25,607

Clerk of Court

Alma White (Democratic) I                                                       23,637


Chase Ridgeway (Republican)                                                  25,669


Ken Baker (Republican)                                                            25,416  

County Treasurer

Miriam Mace (Republican)                                                        25,376

County Council District 2

Bob Anderson (Republican)                                                       4,994

County Council District 3

Everett Carolina (Democratic) I                                                  2,854

County Council District 4

Lillie Jean Johnson (Democratic) I                                               2,823

County Council District 5

Raymond Newton (Republican) I                                                3,097

School Board (nonpartisan)

District 1

Amanda J. Darden                                                                     2,255  

Patti Hammel                                                                            2,554

District 3

Sandra L. Johnson I                                                                   1,168

Ramona Staggers McCullough                                                   1,149

District 4

Randy Walker I                                                                          2,134

District 5

Bill Gaskins                                                                               1,698

Johnny Wilson (withdrew)                                                             731

District 6

Vincent Fresh Deas                                                                      736

Lynne B. Ford                                                                            3,042

Ronald O. Thompson Sr.                                                              728

Soil and Water District Commissioner


Write-in only

Joshua Daniel Baxley

Top votegetter over many others                                              2,654